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Mix-n-Match Family

Chapter 1 - Meeting the Mother

Hermione Granger had taken month to decide what she had wanted to do after graduating Hogwarts. She had later decided to become a healer, to the surprise her close friends and the rest of the world. They had all assumed that she'd work for the Ministry in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, because she had already changed laws; the most know were about Werewolves and house elves. Those closest to her began to joke that she  would slowly take over the Ministry and become Minister of Magic. Which to she would always reply by saying " I would never work for the Ministry, after all the dreadful things they've done and allowed,"  her upper lip curled in disdain.

What she never told anyone was that the reason she because a healer was to help The Weasley. The war had taken much from that family, especially from George.  She had wanted to give him back Fred, so that she could finally see him really smile again. Not only that but to help other families who, like the Weasley, had someone lying in the hospital  unable to live a full life due to an unknown curse.

For the first time Hermione Granger was at loss. She was too tired to understand what had happen and why Harry Potter was no longer in the room with her. She stared blankly at the fallen cauldron. Harry was gone, she thought finally fully processing what had happen. She said no words leaving only a silence before the sounds of foot steps began, though she was unaware of the coming company. The moment he enter the room his eyes went to the fallen cauldron.

“Hermione! Hermione are you okay.” She felt large hands checking her over to see if anything had happen. A sigh of relief had left the man when he saw that she was not hurt. “ Hermione what happened here?”
“Harry,” her voice came out low almost in a whisper, she was still gazing at the fallen cauldron. “It fell on Harry and now he's gone. He...he grabbed it before—.” The sound of loud wailing interrupted her. Neville moved towards the sound, confusion written in his face. The moment he lifted the cauldron he gasped. There on the ground was a child a baby no more then seven month old with a striking to one Harry James Potter.

“Hermione I... um I don’t think Harry went anywhere.” Neville said swaying the baby to calm him down. “Tell what happen.” So Hermione explained everything to him. “How could this happen Hermione, the potion we were working on is not suppose to do this.” Neville's voice had come out calm but a bit agitated causing Hermione to become filled with guilt.

“I think I might have put something that wasn’t suppose to be there. I... I.” She stopped, her pride wasn’t letting her apologize. It was hard enough to admit she had made a mistake. The look on Neville's handsome face said it all. "Just say it," Hermione said clearly a bit irritated. He shook his head before opening his mouth to speck and closing it again.

“I wasn’t going to say anything about that actually. I was going to say that you should go get some sleep. I'll clean up here and watch little Harry I know you've been through enough without me adding more to it.” She gave him an awkward thanks before before leaving home.

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