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Mix-n-Match Family

Mix-n-Match Family

Chapter 2 – Meeting the Father

Neville Longbottom had grown quite a bit since his Hogwarts days. He no longer was he that clumsy, shy, and insecure boy, instead he now held himself high, showing humble confident in every step he took, something he had never done before. He had grown into his rather large teeth, which had now become one his most appealing features. He had already been tall before but now his was leaner, and sported some muscle courtesy of the attempt at becoming an Aurora.
Neville's attempt at becoming an Aurora had not come out half bad, he had meet Draco Malfoy again an figured out that though he could have been a great Aurora it was not something he loved. After leaving Aurora training he took up an Apprenticeship with Professor Sprout then later taking her place as Herbology Teacher. He had also gotten advanced Potion lessons right alongside Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy though only Hermione decided to get her Mastery. The three had become great friends during those lessons, slowly getting over all the things that had happened during their Hogwarts years.

Neville Longbottom was pacing back and forth cooing the crying baby attempting to calm him down when Draco Malfoy came. The moment Malfoy walk through the doors of his kitchen, a smile appeared on Neville's face. “Thank you Draco I don't know what to this with him,” Neville said relief clearly on his voice as he handed baby Harry to Draco. The blond haired boy stared at the crying baby his usually cold expression had soften and warm when directed at the infant. Draco's finger went to the edge of the child's mouth only for the child to turn and attempt to place it in his mouth.

“He's hungry Neville that's why he's crying,” Draco said, grabbing a miniature bag and enlarging it. He rummaged through the bag before taking out a filled bottle, then giving it to baby Harry who's cries almost immediately ceased.

The moment Neville had left with baby Harry, his chubby little fingers curled into a small fist, and his nearly toothless mouth opening wide only to let out a low pitch, slow paced cry. It was then that Neville remembered he knew next to nothing about children and almost nothing about babies. He began to panic and thinking of who could help him, the only people that came to his mind were Draco and Hermione. The man did not want to bother Hermione after sending her to rest, so he decided getting Draco. He had expected Draco to find someone else to help, not actually aid Neville himself. He was amazed having found another unknown talent that Draco Malfoy had, as he watched Draco attempt to put a giggling child in a newly transfigured crib.

“So... Who's kid is this?” Neville found the sight in front of him amusing. The ebony haired baby clutched onto Draco's clothing refusing to let go, and laughing through it all.

“That is Harry.” He simply stated hoping the blond would make the connection. In response to his words Draco lifted a single platinum eye brow in question. “Yes that's Harry Potter. How it happened I'm not exactly sure because all Hermione told me was the potion fell on Harry while he attempted to get her to rest.”

“Is that what the potion suppose to do?” Neville shook his head before running a hand through his golden walnut hair. He gave a long awaited sigh, momentarily closing his eyes. “Do you think you can do it, or will it take Hermione some time to fix it?” Draco said with a smug smile.

“I love the confidence you have in my ability,” he retorted, opening his eyes and giving Draco an false glare. The smug smile widened on the blonde's face. “Any ways Hermione and I can find the cure together.” Neville said stressing the word together. Baby Harry let out a small yawn and Draco began to gently sway him until he had fallen asleep. Draco placed Harry in crib and motion Neville out from the room.

Something had woken Hermione, in the pitch black room, the delicious aroma wafted into her room enticing her senses. Someone was cooking in her kitchen and it smelled heavenly. Hermione stood up slowly, her body feeling heavier than usually after sleep. She opened the door to her room and walked into the kitchen. Neville stood watching Draco playing with a child.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice husky from her sickness and lack of use, 'and who's the child with you.” She could not remember much, only portion of the memories could she recollect; of Harry, of working on the potion and Neville. The men stared at her not an inch of surprise was plastered on their face.

“We're here taking care of you and this is Harry James Potter.” Draco bluntly stated, causing Neville to raise a single golden brow in his direction. The platinum blonde shrugged at Neville. “We need to be truthfully, sugar coating isn't going to help her or us.”

“Yes I kno – ,” before Neville could finish Hermione spoke.

“It isn't in any way amusing. It is impossible because Harry is 23 years old going on 24 not a little over a year, I remember seeing him today.” She looked at their face, and not a single emotion to indicate that they were only joking around with Hermione. “What happened?”

"Well I wasn't there when it happened but you explained it to me. You were working on the potion, you added something and when Harry went to take it from you to get you to go home it fell on him and turned him into a baby," filled in Neville. Hermione's face was blank. She had caused this with her stubborn need to work on the potion despite being so sick.

"You do know it's not entirely your fault Granger," Draco stated, some of the old Draco slipping through. "Potter should know better than to grab that cauldron," he paused long enough to smirk," but than again he isn't too bright." The bushy haired woman rolled her eyes at the blond antics. She stared at the dark hair child innocently eating his toes unaware of the issue at hand. She lifted baby Harry into her arm and smiled at the giggling baby.

"I've got to fix this." She murmured.

"No," came a soft resounding voice. Hermione turn to Neville. "No, we'll fix this, but only after we all get food in our stomach." Neville gave her a smile that made her knees go weak and she nods because at the moment that's all she able to do.

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