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My Retreat
The Forbidden Letters - The Short Reply 
6th-Jun-2015 06:42 pm

The Short Reply

Harry Potter sat swinging back, forward watching parents and their children playing happily, clueless to all the dangers around them. Harry felt angry, so much anger that it threaten to swallow him up, but the feeling of guilt kept it at bay. He finally figured it out, he had no one, he would always be alone because his so called friend wouldn’t bother to write a stupid letter to him. He wanted to write to someone, to forget even for a moment that he hadn’t lost Sirius and that it hadn’t been his fault he was gone. Harry wished that his parents hadn’t died because of him, he wished that some many people wouldn’t die because of him. He wish he wasn’t the child from that stupid prophecy. He wished he didn’t feel so alone.

I wish….” Harry murmured out loud, before standing up and heading to an empty 4 Privet Drive.

When he arrived there he noticed the medium sized box perched against the door, as he got closer he could make out some letters of his name. It wasn't until Harry got closer that he was sure the package was for him. He grabbed it, looking around to make sure no one had seen him and then went inside to his bedroom to open it. When Harry's eye read the last word on the letter, he gave a small smile and looked at the wooden box with teary eyes. This letter, though a bit awkward was sweet and made him happy because he knew that she cared. He grabbed some muggle paper and pen, then commenced writing.

Dear Hermione

First thing I want to say is I’m sorry. I should have listened to you. I should have made sure I was being tricked. I got you and everyone hurt. Thank you for trying and caring about me. I don’t know how you knew, the guilt I felt just thinking about Sirius but your letter helped me, even if it was for a bit. I feel

Harry stopped and crossed out the 'I feel from the letter and continued writing hoping that Hermione would not ask his feelings.

The Dursleys are as charming as usual though Big D is avoiding me and seems almost like he's trying to be nice. Please tell me if something else happens.


P.S I have done some of my work.

It's what kept me from thinking.

Hermione sat down at her desk a single hand resting on the wooden chest waiting for it to change. It had taken some time but she felt the cool wooden box heat up and a small smile erected on her face. She tapped her box then proceeded to wait, the wooden chest opened, she grabbed the letter, Hermione retrieved a single sheet, and as expected there wasn’t much writing but she brightens up anyways. In the mere seconds it took Hermione to finish reading her smile vanished. She grab paper and pen then began to write.

Dear Harry,

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I never thought you’d to think I we never cared. We do care Harry, and nothing not even you being angry at me could change that. You are my best friend one of the important people in my life. It’s the reason why I’d follow you anywhere. I want to make sure you’re safe because you worry about others so much you forget about your self. There is absolutely nothing you need to apologize for we made our decision. We decided to stay by your side, and I will never change that. We care I care and I will always will.

Hermione hadn't noticed her tears until she saw the darken stains left behind on the paper. She wiped her eyes and continued writing.

I''m with my parents so I won't be getting much information on what's happening but I will tell you the small amount I am getting. I wish I could hug you right now Harry because I know yo need one. I might have an idea for us to meet if it's okay with you..

Love Hermione

The girl's mind began to plan as she folded the letter placing it in the wooden box and tapping her wand three times.

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